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G-Force Nutrition.

A nutritional supplement website for weight lifters. It was a lot of fun working on this website as I got to learn so much about an industry I really had no idea about before.


Every-time I work on a website, I get immersed in its culture and flavor.


Visit the G-Force Nutrition Website:

Web |01 Sports


Web |01


Web |02 Sports


Web |02


Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua.

A martial arts school that teaches Capoeira for students of all ages.


This dedicated teacher had a lot of passion for her school, and was interested in expanding her kids program.


It was fun to explore how that could be done, and we were both very happy with the results.


Her kids program has tripled in size, and she busier than ever! It was good to see a small business grow with the help

of a well-choreographed website!

Visit the Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua Website:

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible projects  >>
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